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1st day of road trip to North Carolina

I was amazed that the day of my trip I had absolutely no anxiety. We drove for about 7 hours. Towards the end of the trip, my Dad had to stop quickly because my Mom had a hard time sittin?g still for so long because she had a hip replacement and she said she was getting pains in her leg and was screaming to pull over. So we did so she could get out and walk and get rid of the pain.

I was really concerned about how well I would do with my back issues on such a long road trip. I did amazingly well. I brought my back support pillow with me and had a heat wrap on which helped. I was very comfortable and had no discomfort physically or mentally until we were about to stop for the day.

The town we decided to stop in the first night was in South Carolina. The town we stopped in was Saint George, SC. I don’t like the town and the hotel is awful! I refuse to take a shower because the tub is black on the bottom. I had to request that one of the beds be remade because it had dried blood or something on the sheets.

We decided to eat out at some Italian place up the road and the food was awful. I got a club sandwich and took the bacon out of it (I don’t eat pork) and I am thinking that the turkey may have had nitrates in it because it sent me into a panic attack again. My heart rate was about 125 for almost an hour. Maybe a little less. I think the combination of the bad hotel, bad food, being tired and then seeing my dog not happy with pet sitter on camera caused me to have a panic attack. Not to mention when I asked my son to carry my bags for me so that my back does not go out my Mom dismissed my pain or limitations and said that she deals with her hip and so should I. This trip may just confirm that I need to distance myself from my parents when I get home. I was asked to pay for the hotel room for them to stay in and to pay for my own food. Paying for my own food was fine. Paying for their hotel room I thought was wrong but whatever.

So I can’t sleep because the walls are so thin. I hear everything going on outside. I am looking at my son sleeping in the next bed and wish I could sleep that well. Now I hear the toilet running every few minutes. I can’t wait until I leave this place. I am hoping that our final destination is all that I hoped it to be and that this is just a bad decision on a place to stop at.

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