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Advice on dating someone who has Agoraphobia

When you are attracted to someone, it does not matter what that person might be suffering from because all you want him or her is to be happy and this is the reason when often come across many couples in which one of the partners is suffering from Agoraphobia.

If you are looking forward to dating a person suffering from Agoraphobia then keep in mind that you have to be concerned about his or her health. To make such relationships strong and long lasting here is a set of advice that will help you be the part of the life of your loved one in an effective way.

First, you must know what Agoraphobia is so that you will not assume anything and will easily learn how to deal with the attacks.

A person suffering from Agoraphobia fears and avoids interaction with all such places and situations that might cause them to panic. The person feels trapped, embarrassed and helpless. A person in such cases makes sure to avoid his panic attacks.

The Agoraphobic person usually fears:
??? ?Using local transportation
??? ?Being in enclosed and open areas
??? ?Being in a crowd or standing in line

Advice on dating
Following the given pieces of advice, it will be easier for you to understand the situation of your partner and thus you will have a supportive relationship:

Meet the panic attack with patience:
While dating a person with Agoraphobia it is better you remain patient when your partner has suffered from panic or anxiety attack. Show them that you will not leave their side and you are here for their protection and well-being.

Make sure that you do not push them towards situations that might trigger their attack again. Do not dismiss their symptoms because it might lead to a severe attack. Be empathetic and manage the stress conditions by cooperating with your partner.

Be supportive without suffocating:
Being embarrassed about their condition your partner might not feel confident enough to open up to you. They mostly feel lonely and isolated as they fear of being rejected because of their health condition.
Therefore, it is important that you build trust because only then they will feel comfortable with you. Be always available to listen to them and do not push them to tell you anything. Do not bring their Agoraphobic condition until they are ready to share their problems with you.

Be a part of their solution:
Agoraphobia might be difficult to deal but with proper treatment, it can be managed. You can be a part of their solution by helping them to cope with their anxiety attacks. If the dating partner allows you being a part of their treatment process. You can:
??? ?Help your partner develop the coping techniques
??? ?Help them in medication management
??? ?Attend the therapy sessions with them
??? ?Working together will help will make the relationship grow.

If you want to date an Agoraphobic person, be sure that you are ready for the relationship and make sure that you never break their heart

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