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How Beta Blockers help with anxiety and panic attacks

Earlier this year I started taking a Beta blocker which helps my anxiety TREMENDOUSLY. I do have to say that when I first started taking it, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to continue taking it. There were a lot of unpleasant side effects in the beginning but after about 30-45 days of sticking with it, the physical symptoms of my anxiety have drastically reduced. For me personally, this has been a lifesaver. My heart no longer races from my thoughts and it helps keep my blood pressure under control. I take a low dose twice a day. Since this has been beneficial to me I wanted to share some information on Beta Blockers. I am not a doctor! This is just some researched information I found on the web.

Stress is a common problem of the present generation. The main reason behind it is the pressure that can either be from friends, family or career. However, it sometimes leads to severe problems like panic attacks and anxiety.

Recently it has been noticed that instead of taking the properly prescribed drugs for such health issue people are taking Beta-Blockers.


It can be regarded as the beta-adrenergic antagonist?s drug that works to stop the response of the body towards stress. Thus, when the reaction of the body is ceased it automatically stops the nervous response that is the fight or flight mode.

3 ways beta-blockers relieve anxiety and panic attacks

So now here are the 3 incredible ways in which beta-blockers has been noticed to control, and help in the maintenance of anxiety and panic attack.

1-Physical relieve

The first and the major action of the beta-blockers is that they will reduce the physical stress. This means that there will be no tightens of muscles. Thus, it will lead to the stoppage of the response of the somatic nervous system. We are well aware that the cause of anxiety and panic attacks are:

  • Physical factor
  • Mental factor
  • Emotional factor

When the physical factors will be controlled, the mental factors will have no action. This it will make the human feel like they are at peace and thus it will become easier to control the condition.


When your anxiety is getting out of control the beta-blockers will help you to get calm. It will act on the pressure enhancement points of the brain and thus the blood pressure will be controlled by calming the muscles of the heart and the vessels as well.

Thus, it will reduce the overall pressure on the body. The person will feel at peace and it will be easier to convey his words. We are aware that a little anxiety might be good to perform the best. However, in case it is crossing the normal range than taking the beta-blockers might lead to prevention from a serious heart attack.

3-No more distractions

One of the biggest cause of the onset of anxiety and panic attack are the distractions that happen when we are out in public. So in order to control them, beta-blockers play an important role. They help in focusing on what is important and thus, the person will not feel stressed that he might be missing out on something essential. It helps feel confident and determined.

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