Journal: Yes! I got some sleep!

Last night is the first night that I can say I got a decent night sleep. I talked to the sadist guy briefly on FaceTime who was half baked on pot. He is the one who I spoke with and said he had anxiety and agoraphobia issues and I could tell when we facetimed last …

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EMDR treatment for PTSD

So I have been in therapy for a couple of months now and all is going well. My therapist now wants to work on my past traumas and I have to say I am scared. Up to now its been somewhat easy in therapy as I work on building trust and feeling safe around my …

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agoraphobia anxiety PTSD

Living with Anxiety

Welcome to my first blog post! My name is Michelle, I am 45 years old, successful business owner, a single mom and I live with anxiety and agoraphobia on a daily basis. I guess the root of my anxiety is PTSD that resulted from the murder of my 23 month old son 10 years ago …

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