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Journal: Stressed and Depressed – When grown children act like toddlers

Today is a rough day. I have chronic lower back issues and today is just not a good day back wise. Add a 20 year old son who does not listen to anything you say and is defiant to boot, a client who takes a “I don’t need it” attitude. When I think of all …

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Essential tips for surviving holiday stress

Psychologist says that, stress is rising in people. According to a survey, half of people are reporting that stress is having bad impact on their professional and personal lives. However holidays can be a time of joy, bliss, and elation, but they sometimes bring additional stress with them. The following tips are intended to help …

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Journal: Thursday September 1 – Victim Notification Alert received

Well last night around 11pm I get a Vine notification that Richard (The man who killed my 23 month old son) is being released next Thursday I expect that to be changed again. I was upset last night. I wasn’t in panic mode but I was deeply sad. So after an hour I decided to …