Which is scarier? Anxiety or Depression?

I am not sure which is worst. Anxiety or depression. This week is the start of meeting my goals early for the month of July. I have met my financial goals since my business has been very slow this year. I should be very happy right now but I am not. I am kind of …

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Journal: Mothers Day is here

Last night I did not sleep so well. Maybe it was because of me sleeping most of the day yesterday. Either way, I woke up this morning and asked my son if he could cook breakfast like I do every day, just eggs and usually some smoked salmon. He is good at cooking breakfast for …

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Monday Night Journal: What a crazy day it was!

Monday night journal: Today was a very long day. I am exhausted. Today came with new challenges in my business that I have to deal with really quick. I started a Google adwords campaign to try to get new clients through my website and didn’t realize how much work I should’ve done before running the …

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