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Sorry for no recent blog post :( Therapy update

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven’t been posting as regularly as I once was. I have a leather journal post on my phone that I’m currently transferring from way back in August and September that you’ll see in the next week or so. I was journaling every day as part of therapy but got discouraged when …

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anxiety PTSD therapy

EMDR treatment for PTSD

So I have been in therapy for a couple of months now and all is going well. My therapist now wants to work on my past traumas and I have to say I am scared. Up to now its been somewhat easy in therapy as I work on building trust and feeling safe around my …

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Is therapy right for you?

More than 40 million adult Americans are dealing with anxiety. That?s almost 18% of the population. Of course, they are dealing with different types of anxiety, but the fact is that this nervous disorder marked by a state of excessive apprehension and uneasiness is affecting their lives. People dealing with anxiety all the time are …

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