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My goal for 2017

After watching a video from Tony Robbins last night on Facebook I decided that this year I want to be able to do a video blog to document the overcoming Agoraphobia. You can watch the video on my FaceBook page here because it was very enlightening and encouraging. If you have not had the chance …

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therapy updates

Sorry for no recent blog post :( Therapy update

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven’t been posting as regularly as I once was. I have a leather journal post on my phone that I’m currently transferring from way back in August and September that you’ll see in the next week or so. I was journaling every day as part of therapy but got discouraged when …

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Working on improving our site!

Hello all! I have been busy with getting some relevant topics that help all of us who suffer from anxiety disorders. I have also started creating forums for users to post in for support and advice. There is also a live chat feature which is kind of limited now until our site grows. Eventually I …

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