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Essential tips for surviving holiday stress

Psychologist says that, stress is rising in people. According to a survey, half of people are reporting that stress is having bad impact on their professional and personal lives. However holidays can be a time of joy, bliss, and elation, but they sometimes bring additional stress with them.

The following tips are intended to help you find relaxation during your holidays and enhance how you are thinking about the holiday and the season.

Appreciate your feelings

If a loved one has recently died or you can?t be with them, accept that it?s usual to feel grief and sadness. Take time to cry and express your feelings. Just because it?s holiday season, you can?t force yourself to be happy.

Improve your mindset

Obviously, holidays are an exceptional time of the year meant to celebrate with your friends and family, but here we?re not talking about once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Christmas come once a year, but it comes every single year. If you can?t participate in every family tradition or party this year, don?t bother. There?s always next year.

Plan ahead

Set aside certain days for:

  • Visiting friends
  • Shopping
  • Baking
  • Other activities you love.

Make a shopping list; it will help prevent last minute struggles to get forgotten goods. In addition, make sure to seek help for party preparation and cleanup.

Do one thing at a time

Doing one thing at a time can give you time to recover from the chaotic or frantic day or week. Give your attention on what you?re doing. Let go of other things like:

  • Party planning
  • List making
  • Worrying

Concentrate on your present activities and put mind on physical sensation such as walking.

Muscle relaxation

No matter, if you?ve had your day on sitting chair or on your feet, over stress can make your muscles sore and tense. Try to relax your muscles by resting and tensing each large muscle group. Repeat this several times then move to other stressful parts.

Deep breathing

Breathe evenly and gently by lying on your back. Concentrate on your breathing, coming in and out and the gesture of your stomach. Keep doing it for 10 breathes.

Continue your regular workouts

It?s easy to seek extra time from your schedule by cutting back on afternoon walks or gym visits, but because exercise is also essential and an effective form of stress-relief, focus on your regular workouts also. Enjoy holiday treats in relaxation and focus also on your fitness goals.

Take a day off

Rather than trying to compete all your holiday plans in one week, skip at least one day to recover from all your stress and coming back to regular life. Use another day to fulfill skipped day plans.

Find professional help if necessary

Beside your exceptional efforts, you may find yourself sad or anxious, afflicted by physical complaints, irritable, and unable to sleep, in this case consult to your doctor or a health professional.

So make your holidays the time of relaxation and fun what they are truly meant for. Make sure to use these tips and get the stress out of the picture because workdays are enough for it.

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