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Going on my first vacation in over 10 years tomorrow!

Yes, you read it right! I am going on my first vacation in well over 10 years. Where am I going? 600 miles away to North Carolina by car with my parents who are known stressors in my life. Why am I doing this? I feel if I can just “do it” and go on this vacation (as hard or easy as it will be), maybe it will help me overcome a lot of my travel anxieties/agoraphobia issues. I will be gone about a week so I am praying for a good trip. I feel there has to be a time where I just do it afraid. I am not dreading the vacation. I am slightly concerned about the pet sitter I have as I have never used her before, but she is background checked and bonded and also a Vet tech. Since my dog has Congestive Heart Failure and is 17 years old I thought that would be important. I do have a Nest camera inside my apartment and also a Ring doorbell as well as a security system. so I feel a bit confident I will know what is going on when I am away.

This morning when I started to pack I had a panic attack, the 1st in a very long time. My beta blocker and Klonopin had in the past kept my panic under control. Throw in travel and hormonal changes and that is an anxiety time bomb. Luckily it lasted only about 30 minutes. I am determined to “Get out of my head” and enjoy myself on my trip. Hopefully, I can update my blog and post some pictures along the way. I will finally get to use my GoPro for something else other than driving?locally, which is still at times an accomplishment.

If you have any travel stories, I would love to hear them! Please comment below!


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