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Another great resource I found for help online

I hope everyone is having a good start to your weekend. Weekends and evenings are hard for me. I haven’t quite figured it out yet as to why they are harder? Maybe loneliness plays a factor? Or maybe it’s the quietest time of my day and it gives my brain a playground to wander like a lost child.

So after a somewhat sleepless night, I turned to some worksheets that my therapist had given me to help with anxiety. which dealt with breathing exercises and a sheet called Worry Tree which I have never seen but thought it was interesting but I could easily debate. On the bottom of these sheets is a link to It looks like there is a place for therapist where you have to pay for stuff, but on the right side of the page there are some free resources. The site is poorly designed but has some good worksheets that may get you stable if you are suffering at the moment.

While playing around with how you get the Worksheets it looks like you may have to open the picture of the worksheet and then print or look for a green link to download the worksheet. When clicking on a random sheet called “Stages of Change” located here I thought this was me, to a point so I printed it. Making changes to what we allow in our life is the way to change. I will have to print that one out and a spare in-case I rip it to shreds in a tantrum. Another sheet that I am going to work on is Avoidance Hierarchy

I am going to add a resources forum and page so I can add links like this when I find them. Feel free to add your favorite resources. I have tons I could add,? but this is a new one for me that I thought could help people.

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  1. I’m not sure if anyone will find this helpful or not, but thought I would go ahead and post it here anyway since I thought it was a great website. So, there’s this website I found while I was clicking around Google trying to find self-help courses (I’m obsessed with self-help stuff…) called ThisWayUp It is a wonderful site that teaches you about the many different conditions and disorders and answers a ton of questions. They have lots of resources, links, worksheets AND self-help courses for those specific mental health issues. I thought that was cool! It covers lots of things including panic attacks, trauma, GAD, social phobia, and OCD, to name a few. I like their intro where they talk about how understanding your thoughts and feelings allow you to create positive change in your life. Hope this might be helpful!

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