Journal: Abandoned at Rest Stop on I95 by parents

Yes, you read the title right. On the way home from North Carolina, we stopped at the rest area on I-95. My son and I went to the vending machines for some water and when we started heading back to the car, it was gone! We looked around just in case they moved their vehicle or something. They were nowhere to be found!

I called my Mom’s cell – It was off, (went to voicemail). I tried my Dad’s cell and I could hear my Mom yelling at my Dad to answer the phone. When my Dad answered I asked them where they were?! My Dad said they thought we were in the car. I could hear my mom day “Well we can’t just turn around, we have to keep going”, So I guess they went to next rest area, turned around and came back and got us. My Mom was driving. All along my Mom has been telling me my Dad has dementia and Alzheimer’s, I am telling you that I saw no evidence of anything to that fact with my Dad on this vacation. I am assured though that my MOM is the one with mental issues, NOT my Dad!

What I want to know is if you are traveling with people, how do you NOT know when you get ready to leave that everyone is for sure in the car? Especially since you have to back out of your parking spot and look at the back row seat.

My Dad called me a couple times as he drove back to say he was sorry and that they are almost there. I didn’t have my purse with me or my meds or my sons’ asthma meds. This could have turned out worst but it didn’t. Despite what was going on, I was not in panic mode. I was actually calm. Angry, but calm. When I got back in the car, my son and I was silent. I just put my headphones on and prayed we got home quickly.


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