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Journal: Mothers Day is here

Last night I did not sleep so well. Maybe it was because of me sleeping most of the day yesterday. Either way, I woke up this morning and asked my son if he could cook breakfast like I do every day, just eggs and usually some smoked salmon. He is good at cooking breakfast for me almost every day. Sunday’s we usually go out to eat but we didn’t today. I kinda wanted a special breakfast today and even bought some maple syrup to have the very rare pancake. But yesterday when I was cleaning out my pantry and looking for food to donate for the “Stamp Out Hunger” drive I found a box that was a few years old so I tossed it, along with a lot of other food items. I couldn’t reach the top shelf to go through the canned goods at the top of my shelf and my son was not overly eager to help. I will be so happy when my back has fully healed. In case I forgot to mention it, I hurt my back in January of this year and have been in pain daily ever since, although it is getting better.

5:30 AM – So I woke up after a few hours of sleep to take my meds and eat something. I quickly glance at my email on my phone and no Mother’s Day Card :(. Last night I was psyching myself up that perhaps it will just be another day this year and I will just relax and watch movies and maybe get some work done.

My son brings my usual breakfast. Eggs with a side of smoked salmon and cold salsa on the eggs. Not perfect but good. No mentions of Happy Mother’s Day. 🙁 15minutes later he comes in my room and says, “I bought you something.” I said, “You did? What did you buy me?” He said he ordered it via Instacart and it would be here within a certain time frame, but didn’t say what it was. He didn’t say “Happy Mother’s Day Mom” but I know he is thinking of me. I wonder what he bought me.

10:00 AM Instacart comes to deliver my Mother’s Day gift which is some roses and a bag of chocolates (Roses are in the picture). I am happy that I am remembered.

10:30 AM I order both of us lunch from Moe’s as a token of my appreciation.

Even though I did not hear the words Happy Mother’s Day or get a card yet (Day is still young) I am blessed to have a child who cared enough to give me flowers.

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