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Journal: Pre-empty nest syndrome or spoiled brat

Today my son told me that I was lazy. My son will be 21 in a few months. He pays very little in expenses to live in my house. I gave him a client. to work on in my business and he does the very minimum necesary to get by. He doesn’t help much at all with household chores so I have a cleaning lady come twice a month to do the thngs I can’t while I wait for my back to heal. Plus it also takes some of the burden off me.

I work a minimum of 40 hous a week right now because things are slow until July. Normally I work about 60+ hours a week. My son told me that my back is out because I don’t move much because of my compuer deskjob, even though I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and degenerative disk disease/athritis in my back. i also on top of that injured my back early this year and overall it is healing and has improved significantly over the last few months. I have even caught myself bending down to pick something up off the floor recently, something that I could not even dream of a few months ago.

So how did this discussion of how lazy I am come up? Because I just paid for 8 driving lessons at $120 a pop each week, did I also mention I bought him a new Mac laptop and a brand new bed. Thank GOD I only have a couple of more payments and that is done with. Plus when he gets licensed my insurance goes up $160 a month.

He bitched that I say I don’t want any more clients and that other businesses have clients. I have 3 clients that are long term 2 of which require over 40 hours a week, and I am lazy because I don’t want more clients. He refuses to help towards anything towards insurance saying he has to many bills ie: guitar equipment he bought on credit. He told me today that one day I will have to get used to him being away and me doing things on my own because he wants to go to Japan and maybe not come back.He and some girl he met online want to go together.

What would you do or say?

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