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Journal: Stressed and Depressed – When grown children act like toddlers

Today is a rough day. I have chronic lower back issues and today is just not a good day back wise. Add a 20 year old son who does not listen to anything you say and is defiant to boot, a client who takes a “I don’t need it” attitude. When I think of all the work that I put into building part of his business it just makes me so sad. I work my ass off and get little in return.

Back to my son. He only has a few things I ask of him. Clean the kitchen, take trash out, clean room (laughing hysterically here). He is lazy and just refuses to do anything that doesn’t benefit him. He is totally fine living in filth. I am not. I can’t clean the way I like to, so I have to hire a maid every two weeks to help me. How sad is that! My son doesn’t help out with any of the bills. He works for me?part time but that is about to end. He is even slacking there. I don’t know what to do other than pray and start taking things away that I pay for.

I desperately want to move out of state. That costs money and is a lot of stress. He promised when we moved from a tiny condo to a house that is twice as big and twice as expensive that he would help out. Well that has never happened. Why would I want to move 1000 miles away to a place that I don’t know anyone, having to recoup financially etc and go through this added stress. I would be in a mental hospital for sure then.

As far as my clients, I decided to go back to expanding my business. I think it’s the best and safest thing I can do, especially if I want to make a move out of state.

Hoping tomorrow and the rest of the day is better.



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