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Journal: Therapy followup

I don’t know why I bother with trying to find therapy. There is a whole lot of stuff I need to talk about and get past so I can get unstuck. I am not sure therapy is the answer. I know my faith is definitely an answer. I just need to find a new church. I did buy a couple of dresses in case I do go to church. I was thinking about joining the Mormon church but all around me say it’s a cult, but they seem so true to their religion and seem not. to be just “Sunday Christians” I don’t know. I haven’t acted on it at all but was a thought. If I was in the town I want to relocate to I already know what church I want to attend. I can even watch them online live.

So back to therapy. I wrote in asking if they had some early morning appointments and I got an email back from the head person in office saying he would call back. He did, but I not answer. So I emailed him back asking if they had any female therapist in the office. It’s been probably a year since I been there, maybe not that long, it feels like forever. I am sure or almost positive that I won’t get a response. Just another person for whatever reason decided like I was too much work.

Between family and work stress I feel I can use therapy. Maybe I should just do the online video therapy. If I do therapy at all again. Florida just sucks for any good therapy in my area.

I tried an app called Sibly, basically, it’s like a customer service chat room with coaches. They all say ‘Just call me Sibly’ I deleted my account.

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