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Journal: Thursday September 1 – Victim Notification Alert received

Well last night around 11pm I get a Vine notification that Richard (The man who killed my 23 month old son) is being released next Thursday I expect that to be changed again. I was upset last night. I wasn’t in panic mode but I was deeply sad. So after an hour I decided to just try and sleep after praying some and I slept through until 4am. I woke up with an intense headache and could easily stay in bed all day but I can’t. I am going to take a long shower after I eat because honestly I can’t remember if I ate dinner last night. I know I made a sandwich when I came home from therapy because I didn’t eat lunch because I had my team meeting and was trying to get an Uber at the same time and was running late. I am hoping that is why I have a headache just because I didn’t eat and not stress. I have a google hangouts video conference call at 9am so I better pull it together before then. I have ads running on google for my business to get more clients I think I am going to pause the ads because right now I can’t take on anything else work wise and next month I start grading SAT essays I think full time for 2 months. That along with my client load is plenty, and now with this added stress..just can’t do it.

Right after I got the news last night a friend pinged me on yahoo. I forgot I even had that on my phone. I talked for a few minutes and then just shut it down. Was not in the mood to talk to anyone last night.?

?I still haven’t really settled on my safe place to go during my meditation. My sitting on rock in Lincoln pond brings back too many thoughts of my parents I just don’t want to think about when in my safe spot so I think that has been excluded.?

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