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Keep your word and gain my trust

Keep your word and gain my trust is the theme of the week, and the motto I live my life by. I have a long time standing rule. If you promise you will do something and you don’t deliver, after 3 times I will drop you like a hot potato, because I don’t need those kinds of people in my life. I don’t care who you are, doctors, employees, family. Why? Because my whole friggen life people have lied to me or have broken promises, or made me feel like I am not important enough to deliver on what you told me you would do.

So sometimes I play music and lay in bed to match my mood and the above video sums up how I feel at this very moment. Today I feel like giving the world the middle finger and just disappearing.

will smith

1 thought on “Keep your word and gain my trust”

  1. Yes! I too have been lied to my entire life by my own father. Now I find it hard to trust people. I even doubt my friends sometimes. It takes me a long time… to trust people. And then I have this fear of losing people I care for only because I cant trust anyone anymore. People say it’s the kind of music I listen to that effects my mood or my personality but I think it’s them. Why be mean?
    Listening to “under a very black sky by sick puppies”

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