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Sorry for no recent blog post :( Therapy update

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven’t been posting as regularly as I once was. I have a leather journal post on my phone that I’m currently transferring from way back in August and September that you’ll see in the next week or so. I was journaling every day as part of therapy but got discouraged when my therapist said that he was not reading my journals nor did he have time to read the journals. So then I decided to turn my therapy homework into blog post, that is why you see a lot of post with the word journal in the subject.

I do believe journaling is a very effective way of handling anxiety, regardless if you’re in therapy are not, which I am not anymore by no choice of my own. My therapist decided to quit on me when I asked for a one day break from therapy which he even suggested was a good idea,? He deleted all of my therapy sessions and then decided to tell me that I may not be a good fit for therapy. The sad part was I had started to want to drive to therapy instead of taking an Uber and I felt like I was making progress. All of this was done over a text message which is even sadder.

So since quitting therapy I have been in the hospital two or three times. I felt therapy was effectively managing how often I felt like I needed to go to the emergency room. But the last couple of visits did show some diagnosis with my back and uterus, so all was not lost, but I feel like if I was in therapy may be those visits could have been avoided.

So I’m not sure that I even want to go to a therapist again because I have kind of lost all hope of anyone helping. I have even tried to reach out to the same place asking for a referral only to get no answer or reply….. nothing!

So I saw an ambulance and a fire truck go by when I was looking out my window here working and since I spent over 13 or 14 visits this year to the emergency room and in the hospital it kind of puts a trigger in my head. The second ambulance told me it was a non-emergency situation so I’m thankful for that. This time of year is very stressful with the holidays and very hard for some people, so I totally get it if someone needed to go to the hospital. I just hope he gets the care he needs and that his feelings are not dismissed and that he is heard by the doctors.

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