How Uber has helped me with my Agoraphobia (in a way)

Yes, Uber. A drug free way to get out of your house if you suffer from any anxiety disorder, including Agoraphobia. I know some people love or hate Uber. Sometimes you will see stories on the TV or the Internet about how something bad happened to a Uber driver or passenger, but I have to say I have never had any issues that were worst that maybe the car smelling too much like air freshener or being too warm for my liking. For the most part Uber has been a pleasant experience,and has helped me with my Agoraphobia issues. For example today, I asked a Uber driver today if he could make a stop so I could fill a prescription and he kindly did. He sat in the parking lot and waited for me. I thought today, OMG I have been doing it! I have been getting outside more, even in the 100+ degree heat!

So I know you are wondering why I feel that Uber has helped me, to a certain degree, with my Agoraphobia. I will start off by saying that 2016 so far has sucked in a BIG way. I have been in and out of the hospital (Regular not mental) about 10 times in the last 6 months. Some times I called 911 and been transported that way for rib pain and shortness of breath or chest pain etc. (BTW, when heart symptoms mask anxiety symptoms when do you know for certain that it is something serious or not.) That thought is what triggered way too many hospital visits and admissions.

First of all, during those 10 visits to the hospital I have been checked head to toe thoroughly.? I have had a nuclear Stress test done, ECG, Too many EKG’s to count, Heart monitors, 4-5 CT Scans from my brain (after I started seeing zigzag lines in my vision which turns out to be migraines), blood work done (Which I found I am anemic which explained a lot of my symptoms I was experiencing), numerous chest Xrays, even a ultrasound of my gallbladder, liver and pancreas which was normal. So basically I was put on a beta blocker metoprolol tartrate? which in the beginning has some unpleasant side effects which is the main reason I started taking Uber when going places. (Yes, I do have a car). Now that I am starting to add more meat and vitamins to my diet and my body is getting used to the new beta blocker (hey it’s nice to have my racing heart rate controlled by the beta blocker! I does help to a degree with my anxiety symptoms.)

Before Uber I could not leave the house after 9am maybe 10am at the latest, now with Uber I am able to go to my new Therapist 2 times a week and may possibly get back into an IOP program soon. After finding out the person who murdered my 2 year old son will be released in a few months unsupervised, my Agoraphobia, depression, PTSD, OCD, Anxiety had increased 1000%, I sought out in patient hospitalization it was so bad, but was told unless I was going to hurt myself or others, it would only increase my anxiety. My Psychiatrist increased my meds slightly to get me through these episodes which is helping.

The point being is, I have met some nice Uber drivers. I get out of the house far more often now since I have been using Uber. If getting out of the house is hard for you or driving is hard, why not give Uber a try? It has helped me get outside of my house and for that I am grateful. Heck why not be treat yourself to a nice ride and friendly conversation that will drop you off at the front of your destination!

I will eventually start driving again on my own in my safety zone, and I have a few times, but its nice to know that I don’t have to have a fear of getting dizzy while driving etc.

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Until next post, be blessed!

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