Which is scarier? Anxiety or Depression?

I am not sure which is worst. Anxiety or depression. This week is the start of meeting my goals early for the month of July. I have met my financial goals since my business has been very slow this year. I should be very happy right now but I am not. I am kind of depressed and I’m not really sure why. It may be because I read the agenda for one of my meetings today and saw an old issue about my department apparently not handling something correctly. Only know is I need to get a jump on my work and I can’t because I’m in this funk. I should also be happy that my parents are coming to see me. I have this feeling like I want to go back to bed and to stay there and pull the covers over my head. I have so much to do this week its not even funny and I really need to put my game face on and do everything correctly to the best of my ability. Why is it when you seem to have everything in place depression seems to show its ugly face. I know I am stronger than this feeling and it is just a feeling. This too will pass. I am going to put a good days work in and have victory over the darkness. Sometimes I just need to put my feelings down and even though it may not make sense to you, it does to me. At least I am not in bed under the covers!

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